Honey Brickles

As Olivia sat on the couch she was chitter chattering to her little bears. They were having a grand 'ol time doing bear things together. She looked up and noticed me watching her. She gave me one of her classic grins and continued playing. Shortly after she began a conversation with me.

Olivia: Mommy, do you know what bears eat?
Mommy: Sure. They like berries, honey, bugs, vegetables..
Olivia: No. No they don't.
Mommy: Really? They do not like those things?
Olivia: Not so much. They aren't fans of those things.
Mommy: What do they eat then?
Olivia: Honey brickles.
Mommy: Honey brickles? I've never heard of that before. What are those?
Olivia: They are things bears eat. Good things.
Mommy: What sort of things? What are they made of?
Olivia: Well....they're like bread. And it has lots of honey on them. They are sooo yummy.
Mommy: Where do bears find them?
Olivia: At the bear store.
Mommy: Is that nearby?
Olivia: Of course it is, they have to eat.
Mommy: Yes. I guess they do.
Olivia: Would you like to eat honey brickles?
Mommy: If I were a bear that's all I'd eat.
Olivia: Me too.


Librarian Girl said…
There's an episode of Northern Exposure where Ruth Ann and Holling go on a road trip and they stop on the way in order to have "Butter Brickle" ice cream. I always wondered what that was.

Perhaps it's related to Honey Brickles? :)

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