This week I have learned that.....

It isn't a road trip unless someone throws up.

I snore and so does the husband and we could care less.

There are so many many many interesting things found in nature that keep me wondering.

When the wind blows 40mph and you have ice skates on then you know you have to be crazy about winter fun.

Getting sweet air on a downhill sled when you are over 30 is something that ends up painful when gravity brings you crashing to the ground. My rear end still hurts after that. Ouch.

Churches in small towns in WV often are built on the tops of steep hills. When it snows the roads going up those hills to the churches make for an exciting adventure.

Bagging groceries on the East coast is not done with any real thought or value to your purchases. It is generally an at your own risk kind of situation.

Valentine's Day cupcakes with sprinkles are so good. It's even better when you make them with your girls.

Cherry Kool-Aid in cake batter and frosting makes your cupcakes taste a little cherry-like but most importantly make everything pink. Who needs red food coloring?

Handmade Valentines from your children are the best presents.

Birds still will not eat the suet I put out for them. I'll try the squirrels next week.


Helen said…
Very valuable lessons indeed. Just be sure to not throw up while catching sweet air on the downhill sled. Now THAT is messy.

Judith said…
I can't wait to hear about your backyard birding experience!

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