This week I have learned that....

If you forget to feed the cat then she will resort to eating TP. That in turn will result in very unfortunate amounts of hairball things being distributed around the house.

Thinking you're going to do something great for yourself will be foolish. Because you should never do anything hip like get a haircut when you're a mom.

Never let the cross-eyed, antisocial stylist near your hair. It will be bad, very bad.

When you say "I'd like NO more than 2 inches taken off and lightly layered around my face" when describing your hairstyle wants that "2 inches and layers" turns into "4 inches and bangs" by the stylist. I went in to the hairdresser with full, even, shoulder length hair and now I look like a mess. Sigh.

It's time for me to find some bitchin' hats.


Sydney said…
I would also recommend against the incomprehensible Russian stylist at a suburban Ulta, even if your cousin is the "Prestige Manager" and even if said stylist did just give your aunt a super cute ultra-short do. I swear, living in Portland's suburbs must come with some kind of Big Hair requirement. And that's what the (very nice, but very Russian) stylist gave me: Big Suburban Hair. It made me look like a young person trying to be an old person. I'm not kidding: it was the worst "middle-aged, conservative turtleneck and holiday/leopard print cotton cardigan (depending on season) with $150 jeans and keds, $400 purse and 5-year old BMW, complaining about how much it costs to get your house's windows washed, gossiping about your newest diet and how your skinny sister-in-law must be bulimic" haircut I've ever had. Imagine something roughly helmet-shaped, with two "layers" (one dusting my shoulders, the other about ear-lobe legth), all teased up to about twice the size of my head.

This is just to say: I feel your pain.

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