Get out the crayons

There has been so much inspiring crafting around here that I am uncertain how I was left out of all that creativity. (Head cold, right.) The girls have been working hard on several drawings. Olivia is being inspired by the Candy Land game. We have been playing a round or two, or three, every night for a week now. She has drawn many rainbow decorated princesses and butterflies and candy that the use of color is so overwhelmingly cheerful I want to have a mural of it on the family room walls. Olivia also created a several door paper house for her "guany" her toy iguana. The different doors are supposed to be used at certain times for certain reasons all of which I can't keep straight. It has a handle and makes for a easy to move home. Very cute. Olivia continues to be the creative powerhouse. She colors every day and meticulously cuts her paper crafts with such patience that each piece is as detailed as an adult would cut. I know I keep saying this but they do need a craft table and area to spread out their art supplies. The kitchen table can be taken over for so long before it needs to have room made for eating. There are boxes of supplies in the basement I'd love to get out if not for the hauling of those boxes up stairs and then taking them back down shortly thereafter. Although now that I ponder a moment. The kitchen table is nice. Every day after they rush off to school I am left with bits of their imagination lingering on the table until they return. And that, that is rather nice.


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