Kitty surgery

Gaea survived her teeth cleaning and surgery today. She had to have this cancerous growth from her hind quarters, it was the size of a pea, before it became too dangerous. The dental work was long over due, she's not one to let me brush her teeth, and we just didn't have $300 for the cat's dental work when we were going without ourselves. Thankfully all her teeth were strong and in good condition. I have to make it a point now to brush her teeth. That will be dangerous. There must be a way to get her drunk....

I'm not sure what Gaea was more upset about: the going to the vet or not being able to have food. The first thing she did when she arrived home was inspect her dish. She instantly began purring when she realized it had food in it and she could eat it. She began to gobble up the food and lap her water. See the simple things in life are what we all want. After she ate a little bit she visited every comfy spot in the house. It must have been her way of verifying that those spots still exist and in fact are still comfy. She might have been searching for another cat too for all I know. I tried to keep her activity low except she wasn't ready to rest until she inspected every spot, nook, and hideout. Once she was done then she settled down to nap. She had to make sure she was home.


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