Verizon commercial

Have you seen the that "numero uno" Verizon commercial? Where the dad hands out phones to his family. (And saves the best phone for himself.) Besides the emphasis on gluttony and greed the lack of manners irks me. Have you noticed the lack of 'Thank yous' in it? Wow doesn't that say a whole lot about how our lack of manners has continued to get worse. I hardly hear thank you, you're welcome or any thing like that from adults. What happened? When did we become so rude and selfish?


Sydney said…
Come visit the Northwest! We're pathological thank you-ers and you're welcome-ites. When someone doesn't know what to say out here, they smile awkwardly and say, "Thank you?" It's hilarious! So pretty much you should come for a visit with your girls in the early summer - like June - when the International Rose Garden is in bloom and enjoy all the politeness and laid back people who think khakis and a polo shirt are formal-ware. (Seriously: we have world class theater in this city and everyone dresses like they're taking their grandmother to a movie.)
Yvonne said…
I think you are correct. I do need to get away from the Eastern US. It is so draining. I miss the West so much.

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