Where does your food grow?

Organic versus Local Which is best?

LOCAL! I can scream it from my porch for all to hear. The local option has been shadowed by all this ORGANIC buzz. And that's a shame. Because people are missing out on a treasure trove of deliciousness. I love to buy local produce. Do I worry about pesticides? Not really so much. If you really want to get into it I suggest that you think about everything you eat. Every last thing that passes your lips. (Don't forget pharmaceuticals either) If you eat any processed product it is likely to have corn of some sort in it. And there just isn't that much organic corn being used to make chips, fillers and corn syrup. Organic produce is less productive hence more expensive. That's why manufacturers use the other stuff and save most of the organic for the fresh market.

About local. I shop at farmer's markets all growing season. I prefer to buy my produce from the hands that have grown it. Sure I have to resort to the local grocer during the winter but if you look you can discover where that produce originated. Those labels tell many things. I choose what ever is the closest to me. Often that is Florida or California. Lately I have found several local greenhouses that are stocking my grocers year round.

I do not disagree that use of pesticides, chemicals, is bad, chemicals are dangerous. However have you noticed where most of your organic produce is grown? Argentina, Mexico, Chile, everywhere around the Equator. All that food has to be transported to your grocer. Think about how much energy it took for your organic tomatoes to make it to your table. Whereas Mr. & Mrs. Farmer at the farmer's market grow their food within a 100 miles of your home, possibly even less. I find it comforting to know where my food came from. To talk to the farmer and ask questions about the produce. To see their pride when I tell them how I look forward to tasting this beautiful food they grew. Yes. That's the thing we have gotten so far removed from. Our connection to the food we eat. I am eagerly awaiting the first day of my local farmer's market. I look forward to discovering all the wonderful fresh produce. And possibly getting some pointers on how I can grow my own kitchen garden. I can almost smell the fresh dirt still clinging to the vegetables and the aroma of sweet sun warmed peaches. Oh yes. Summer will be wonderful.


Judith said…
I've been making an effort to buy produce originating in the USA at the grocery stores. Oranges, onions and apples are in good supply, but homegrown USA tomatoes are proving tough to find. I like the Canada tomatoes during the winter. Hmm...maybe we need to create a community greenhouse?

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