Clean for a moment

Yesterday I spent all day in the basement organizing the pit we made when we moved in. I finally put like items together and *gasp* have a real idea where (yes labels were involved) everything is for once. But then....Keith came home. He went down to "get a book", with them all unpacked it was a great opportunity. I don't know what that man did, or how he goes about the "get a book" action, but *crash* went the bookshelves and books. He cleared out 3 shelves (3/4 of one whole 7' bookcase) within seconds. And no. He did not find the book he was looking for. It was in the only box I didn't unpack on the other side of the basement. Who wants law books mixed in with literature books? While he is in Chicago for the next few days I am hauling his books to his office and leaving them there. I hope that will prevent him from terrorizing the basement anymore. He told me before I learned what he did "I left you a little something in the basement to remember me by". See he loves me so much that he gives me a mess to clean up....again. He is a strange one.


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