This week I have learned that.....

So far I dig yoga and I love that my classmates invited me out to lunch afterward.

I can not embroider bibs fast enough for my church.

After you mow the lawn in the morning your hands will smell like fresh grass clippings all day long. Not sure if that is good or just weird.

When the husband says "Don't forget to throw down some grass seed after you mow" he actually means "Don't forget to go to the store buy some grass seed then throw it down after you mow the lawn."

When a neighbor's dog barks for several hours a day you really begin to think bad thoughts about that dog no matter how sweet it is and cute and furry and....ah hell it freakin' barks too much and it will drive you bonkers. Hiding in the basement is a good way to get a break.

I miss having a meal with people. Eating alone all the time is so very lonely. I was glad to get out and have lunch with a good Momma and her son.


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