My favorite quote about aging women

When I'm old, I don't want them to say of me, 'She's so charming,' I
want them to say, 'Be careful, I think she's armed.'
—G. Stoddart


Sydney said…
Even though I will also be old then, I will totally spread rumors about the veritable arsenal hidden under your Miss Marple-inspired skirts. And hats. And knitting. So, um, pretty much I'm hoping you plan to go for a "Miss Marple" look in your old age. Because other wise people will think that I'm the crazy one. I mean "armed" one.
Yvonne said…
I will totally go for the "Miss Marple" look. A very good look for me. Like you mentioned all of my great hiding places so now I'll need to think of some new ones. I'm okay with us both looking crazy and/or armed. Think of all the fun we can have together...on the porch yelling at kids...tripping mean people with our canes...and uttering strange phrases all while our yarn and needles drag behind us. Fun I say.

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