Rosey posey

Dear Rose Plant,

I like you, I might even love you, but you hardly know I exist. You sit there in the window sill and die a little bit each day. I have watered you and talked to you and even put you in the best window in the house and yet you still die. Why are you dying on me? Why can't you just live? Is there not enough beauty in the world? I try. Hard. I do. I don't like to watch my plants die. I even put some seed pots with you on the sill, so you could have some buddies, to keep you company. They aren't much to look at, soon they will be more than mere damp mud, perhaps you can be friends with them. Today I am playing the BeeGees in an effort to brighten up your attitude. A little disco is good for the inner dance. Please little rose stay around and fight harder to live in this house it's really a nice place once you get to know us.

With love,

The resident gardener


Judith said…
There, there. The rose plant just needs fresh air and a hole in the ground to live free. But if the BeeGees can breathe new life into the rose then you are onto something. If not, the rose can go back to the earth and help something else grow.

the part-time gardener

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