To make a veil part 2

Yeah, um..well. You see. I'm lame. REAL lame. So the veil kit I bought at Jo-Ann's was great. Very cute but it is attached by a hair comb. A single comb. No big deal you say to yourself. Well it IS a big deal when your daughter has stick straight thin hair. How am I going to get it to stay in that hair? We tried some hairstyles and it just wasn't working. This veil has to stay put for at least 3 hours without adjustment. Sigh. This was such a frustrating process. So then I think 'Maybe I'll get a headband and sew that veil part on'. That wouldn't work either since this kit is clearly meant to be on a comb. If I sewed it onto a headband I would have to remove the top portion and that may just make a bigger mess. I caved. I pushed that veil kit aside and kept pushing it aside and just figured it would be easier for me to buy one that looks like what we need. Except that I wasn't really trying hard enough to find such a thing. I was sort of hoping one would materialize on my craft desk. Then last night we had to go to this store Strasburg Children to try on flower girl dresses for Auntie Julie's upcoming wedding. Thankfully they had 2 dresses in the sizes we needed and everything worked out. Flower girl dresses: check

While there I found a lacy crochet cardigan for Leah to wear over her First Communion dress so that she will be properly covered. No daughter of mine will show her bare shoulders in church, no sir. That in itself was an issue. I began that search by describing the need for a delicate looking sweater for her to wear. That translated in the sales lady's ears as "begin pulling out beautiful dresses with cap sleeves suggesting them as an option". They were beautiful except that we already have a dress and well, $150.oo for another dress we do not need was out of the question. Seriously. I stood firm and maintained my goal of finding a sweater...NOT that other dress in her hands. I scanned the store and passed on the ponchos, not quite the look I want, and found the most perfect thing I could find. Since many of the items in stock were not in Leah's size I was slightly worried. Being my thrifty self I had her try on the 4/5 size. I am so lucky that she is tiny because that fit her perfectly. Sleeves for First Communion ceremony: check.

Then there it was, a floral headband veil. The perfect solution to my veil kit problem. It fits her head it will stay in place and now she will meet all the proper dress requirements for the ceremony. Veil for First Communion ceremony: check.

And there was much rejoicing.

Now we have to find some shoes. Though I had to stand very firm to convince the sales lady that my girls really did not need those very cute $70.00 shoes. I refuse to purchase shoes that cost that much for my kids to wear for about 6 months. No way. And the likelihood of any shoe I bought now would fit them by July is so low that I'd be a betting woman on that action.


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