Garden Pots with stuff in them

I had such big plans. Oh the plans I had for my yard. Veggie patch, herbs galore and flowers plenty of flowers. Alas that is not going to happen this spring. We got a late start on the HOA approval and will have to wait until later. Possibly a late summer early fall planting will be in order. Which is okay, really it is, flowers will wait. I'm kind of bummed about the veggie patch though. I love, LOVE, love gardening. Who doesn't like the warm juicy squish of a just plucked tomato in your mouth? To pacify my inner crazed gardener I started some seeds. I figure if those seeds made it then I'd find a way to keep them alive long enough to produce fruit. Last week was time to put the little guys into a larger pot or sunny patch of dirt.

This required a trip to the local chain DIY center where I selected another large pot and some tomato stakes. And potting soil, can't forget the soil. I spent about 2 hours gently moving the little guys into their new pots. I put all my hot peppers together. I have about 40 jalapeno plants and one bell pepper and one Anaheim pepper. Good gravy there are so many. Really what would I do with about 400 jalapeƱo peppers? Salsa! As for the tomatoes I have 2 plants. 2 plants and BIG hopes that they will grow strong enough to give me a tomato or two. These are cherry tomato plants so they'll be more for popping into your mouth or tossed into a salad. Leah is waiting for that day when we will see our first fruit. Did I mention the basil? Got plenty of that too. I started them this way and couldn't bear to pluck all but the 3 the instructions tell you to do. I put them in the pots with the tomatoes. I hope they get along well since by far they are the favorite in this house. A pizza pot is a good thing around here.

Then there are the peas. 8 plants in 2 pots. So far they look strong and happy. I had bad luck in the past but think with all the sun here they should proliferate well. We just want one happy pea pod to taste. I'm pretty excited about the peas. I love peas and boy would this be great to have some fresh peas to put in a salad....or eat from the pod. Even with all that thoughtful planting I had loads of jalapenos and basil leftover. But where to put them? Ahh yes. hide them behind the shrubs in the front garden. These are my lucky plants. If they make it it'll be a big bonus. Plus will all the extra room there really is no limit on their size. I just have to remember to water them. I still had about 5 jalapenos to plant and they went out back in the dirt pile. They aren't alone, don't worry, I put the zucchini squash back there too. I was torn. Love the zucchini and their yummy goodness but they get super big. Not much of a container plant. I'm testing their durability in the dirt pile. There they will have so much room to grow. My hope is that they will get large and obnoxious thus producing loads of fruit. Yay zucchini. We have to do a cheer for them I want them to do well so: Go Zuc Go!

With all these veggies I am still wondering about those strawberries. We had 3 berries. Very small berries but nonetheless they were the best strawberries of the season. Perhaps there will be more. Now the hard part begins: waiting for all this to grow.


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