I found this yesterday and it was THE thing I was looking for to store all my things. I have been in the process of setting up a "creative corner" in the basement for me and the girls. Well, mostly for me, as you know, being the creative director of the house is a big job. I discovered over the winter that my domination of the dining room table really put a dent in our family supper time. Since the girls take over the kitchen table for homework and other girl stuff we had come to a table shortage. I have realized two things I love tables and will likely in my old age stupor remove couches so that I can have a house filled with tables. Then those tables would be filled with various crafts that I am/will/was work(ing) on. As well as plates from whatever meal I happened to be eating while crafting. Good golly is my husband going to be in a funny farm with me later on. Perhaps he too will have his own dementia and we'll be in our blissful blindness together.
The quest began with me looking at the Pottery Barn catalog. Which is always a terrible idea. What do you mean we don't have the money to buy that cute side table for $499.00 even though it is perfect? Or that $3000 buffet? I had dreams of a LARGE table to spread out my stuff on but that became a foolish thought. Think about it. Would you want to haul a 500# table down into a basement? Didn't think so. What ever I want must come in pieces or be light enough to haul down steps. I found a project table at Pier One Imports. That came home several months ago and has been a lovely addition. Except that it lacks decent storage. It does have plenty of small shelves on the ends for my craft books but no drawers or cabinets. That is why the sideboard is going to be great. Before this piece can live in the house it needs some clean up and repair. I'm counting the days until I can fill it up with my things and use its surface to put stuff on. Whooo can't wait.


Judith said…
This post made me laugh so hard I wheezed. You should put an induces laughter disclaimer at the top.
Yvonne said…
That's an at your own risk....then again you laugh because that's what you'd do also. ;-)
Judith said…
So true. I COMPLETELY understand. I'm thinking about getting a farmhouse style table for my craft table/project day. The table I like is at Kmart for $99, but the oversized delivery charge is $90. That lets me know it's really too big for the condo.

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