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I went to the local Starbucks for a little treat. I have several of those gift cards and thought it was time to take a break in my wacky week and enjoy time out alone. When I arrived the line was nearly out the door. It consisted of several professionals in their everyday morning commute panic. Since there were tables open, and one I wanted by the window, I took the opportunity to take a load off until the line subsided. The line reduced faster than expected but it seemed to come in waves. Strange isn't it? I ordered a bagel and coffee, what a splurge!

Once back at my table I began to nibble on the gently toasted bagel as I wrote some letters to a friend and my Granny. I can't tell you how much I just love to write letters to people. It does not have to be something terribly long. Usually a little note card will do. It's just the action of handwriting and those thoughts immediately on your mind. Being the oddball I am I tend to have some sort of stationary item in my handbag. I never know when I'll be struck with the urge to drop a line to someone. Thankfully my friend Sydney shares my similar outlook on life so my observations are well received. Good ::ahem:: and bad.

As I wrote my letters munching away on my bagel I couldn't help but be aware of those people around me. By this time there were loads. It was good people watching for sure. There was a frighteningly giddy lady with a small shaggy dog parading along the sidewalk. She walked by four times. The last time she passed I made the mistake and made eye contact. I have determined that all she desires is for someone to adore her dog. Somewhere in her mind she thinks it reasonable for someone to come rushing outside to pet her little dog. It is unfortunate that everyone else inside is too self absorbed to notice her. To my left are two stylish young gals. They appear to be blowing off some exams as their conversation mostly involved ways they could draft an email, a believable one, to send off to the profs. I wasn't aware that exams are negotiable. It took them several minutes to get the 3 line email send worthy. Not long after they moved on to discussing a Vegas trip. The guy behind me was texting like mad. On two different phones. Weird. Some mothers came in with little kids. There was some interesting looks passed on to those Moms from some of the people in shop. Back to the girls; they left deciding that shopping was a good way to spend the afternoon. I wonder if they'll pass their courses?

When I ran out of stationary and coffee it was time for me to go. That guy behind me? Yeah he was still texting like mad. Funny and creepy. I had to get some 1 cent stamps for all those letters which was a good excuse to split. Thankfully I bought the last book. So guess what friends you'll be getting your letters!


Sydney said…
Haha, drug dealers at Starbucks! Dude should know: baristas gives free upgrades/coffee/pastries to cops because coffee shops (especially ones like Starbucks that charge $4 for a latte) are often easy targets for petty "is it a finger or gun barrel in my pocket" criminals; having "peace officers" in and out all day helps dissuade the more clever crooks from the "$4-$10/customer x 20+ customers an hour - one daily bank drop" math. And while most patrons might not notice his double-thumbing, both the more observant and the baristas will and someone is going to point it out to Officer Friendly next time he comes in. Ooh, I hope you get to see that hilariously sad take down! "Um, son - I think you dropped some "oregano."" Blank stare, muscles frozen, then BAM!, clotheslined by the cop as he tries to make a run for it.

Watching idiotic criminals get taken down is well worth the minor risk. Did I ever tell you about watching two idiots try to rob a 7-eleven across the street from a police station in Eugene? In a Saturn? Priceless!

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