Vintage Tins Dolls

These are so neat. I came across these while shopping in Middleburg, VA today. I found them in Creme de la Creme, a lovely store. They are very clever and interesting. The price tag of course was not to my liking $300.00 a piece. Yikes! Instead of trying to remember what they looked like I snapped a picture. These would be really fun to make.


Sydney said…
And if you couldn't find the actual tins, you could use pictures of ones you like to make needlepoint patterns for the front of the doll. You could needlepoint a little tissue box cover (weirdest craft item ever; I have no idea why anyone ever thought "I should cover my tissue box in one of the fiber arts") with the antique tin pattern to get the feel of a real tin, but I think it might be just as nice to get some other kind of tin, paint it the background color, and use a needlepoint for the lid. But that is just me.
Yvonne said…
Syd that's a great idea and perhaps a pillow or kitchen towel would be good.

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