Friday, June 13, 2008

After stopping by the REI store we had to make time for the fountain. It was worth it to watch all the fun. Surprisingly I didn't remember it being so loud out there until I watched the video. There was a ton of kids when we first settled in on that bench and by the time I shot the video more than half had left. And as always with kids fun comes to an end when someone has to go to the restroom.


Sydney said...

Woo, REI! That's local business here - Est. Seattle, WA, 1938. Although if you ask most Portlanders they'll tell you it started here. And probably in the '60s. But we like to pretend a lot of things that started in Seattle really started in Portland. Like the swing and rockabilly crazes in the '90s. And Sleater-Kinney. Hey, if you move here, you are a Portland band and that is just how it is.

knitting chick said...

looks like fun. I wish we had a fun place like that to go to here. all we have is a public pool that is just crazyness.

Judith said...

That was cute with your girls running right up to the camera. Looks like fun! P.S. Did you find a new pair of hiking pants?