This week I have learned that.....

A massive thunderstorm will occur just when you are arriving in NYC to see your friends' baby.

You can get lucky and get a great spot right outside your friends' apartment building.

Maine lobstah is wicked good.

Portland is my kind of town. I can and would live there.

A cabin in the woods with a view of the lake is my idea of a very good time.

Sleeping in is not for me when I can wake up at 5am to a lake view.

Fishing on a lake is fun but very wet. And you will get wet if not by the waves then the storm will get you.

Bugs will find a way to get inside your ear. The local docs will know what to do to help you.

Expecting restaurants in a small town to be open on your anniversary is something you should know better about. Just suck it up and get a beer and some nachos at the pub.

Hoping to see blueberry stands along the roadside only makes you want them more. So you'll settle for them on a waffle. But you'll still look for those stands.

are very silly.

Ahhhh Maine.


Helen said…
Happy anniversary! My husband and I just celebrated our fifteenth last week. I understand about the restaurant thing. Every restaurant that we ever at at on our anniversary CLOSED. All of them. It's our anniversary curse. We're waiting to see if the curse holds true even for restaurants we celebrate at a few days after the actual event.

Oh, the bugs in your ear thing? What do the doctors do? Treat you for a concussion after you knock yourself out while running around in a wild panic trying to get the durn thing out of your ear?
Yvonne said…
Thanks Helen and congrats to you too! I do hope the curse lifts...maybe it has to do with having small children...who knows? Can't say that we've had any better luck.

The docs know something that's for sure because I couldn't get that thing out of Leah's ear. I believe the technical term here is "flush 'er out" which they did. Ick.

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