This week I have learned that.....

Berry 'n cherry picking is super fun with great rewards.

A little local frog will hitchhike a ride in your car. You'll just not be able to figure how it got into the car.

Summer reading is a must around here even for the little ones.

These things will eat nearly all of my flowers. And they are every where, I mean every where, even in the mailbox!

My husband will return to his childhood memories thinking of various ways to kill those things, including placing several in a jar in the freezer. Getting ice has become so much more interesting.

My kids will base their daily telling of time on the amount of hours the pool has been open.


Helen said…
If I ever visit your house, remind me not to ask for ice in my drink! Love the summer lessons. I've seen a lot of those little bugs around my area too. I've learned this summer that those beetles have these claws that let them stick to everything, and a toddler or preschooler will go into an absolute panic trying to get one off of their clothing.

I have also learned that I am very allergic to some brands of sunblock. Summer is fun, isn't it?
Yvonne said…
Allergic to sunblock? Ah, now that's a drag.
Helen said…
Hopefully, it's just one particular brand of sunblock, but it was an infant's sunblock, hypoallergenic and SPF 50. Made me look like a giant walking raspberry, ready for the berry picking season!

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