Movie I wanted to love but...

just couldn't. Can't. The movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was Lame. If you haven't seen it check the Wikipedia entry for a summary so you can save yourself $10. Parts seemed like a re-run of the previous movies. It lacked dazzle. The saving grace is Spielburg's direction because we all know what would have happened if Lucas directed....Choppy plot, whiny dialogue, and general absolute stupidity. So about absolute stupidity...have you heard its original title? "Indiana Jones and the Saucer Men From Mars" if that isn't enough of a clue as to the wackiness then I can't tell you what else would do it for you. The CNN article is rather interesting for those of you wanting to learn more or rather solidify the absurdity of Lucas as a creative director. Lucas and his insanity have kept all of us Indiana Jones fans waiting for years for another movie. Instead of coming up with an interesting relic, he goes to '50s Alien B-movies for inspiration. Because.....there aren't enough historical legends out there? I just don't get it. Indiana Jones shouldn't have come to this fluff. Really, Lucas you've outdone yourself in silliness. Mr. Lucas, when would you like to schedule that brain transplant? Seriously how have you made it this far in Hollywood?

The characters could have been more exciting. They bring in a new character, Mutt, and he's just there, the greaser guy. He seemed to have a significant role but lacked the development which left me feeling very little connection with him. Good 'ol Marion was also lacking. Considering all that history between her and Indie think of the possibilities. And Cate Blanchett's character had so much potential and just didn't go anywhere. That was a BIG waste of talent. She could have been something memorable and there wasn't a thing frightening about her villainous character. Remember the creepy guy in black, Major Toht, from Raiders? Or the heart squishing guy, Mola Ram, from Temple of Doom? See scary villains.

The movie was tolerable. I recommend seeing it only if you keep in mind low expectations.


Judith said…
Was this a family outing? Thanks for sharing the review! We will wait for the video.

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