Spelling word list

The week of April 21-25 included a list with the following words:
taller, tallest, fresher, freshest, smaller, smallest, smarter, smartest, happier, happiest, paragraph, telephone, lion, oil, men
China, silk, compass, fireworks, characters

Here is the result of Leah and I working together to write the paragraph:

Looking into the meadow you can see that the tallest trees along the stream are taller than the trees near the fence. Those trees may be smaller but they are still taller than the telephone poles. A tiny bunny hopping out from under the smallest pile of rocks was exploring in the grass. The bunny was looking for something to eat. The smartest bunnies knew that the freshest clover grew on the hillside next to the stream. The fresher the clover the happier the bunny would be. When the bunnies were finished eating they would hop away and get lost in the tall grass.

*If you'd like to play along too*
The instructions for the 2nd grade spelling assignment are as follows: Write a paragraph using 8 of the listed words. You must use details, punctuation and indent. The spelling words are typically underlined in the written form, here I chose to use bold type to highlight the word. We have discovered (from teacher communication) that in a pinch you can pluralize and passive tense the words but we try to refrain from that if we can as it adds to the challenge.


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