Stride it

I have discovered that by walking this guy I have a walking speed of 120 steps a minute with a stride of 2 1/2 feet. I average 3.5 miles an hour and walk between 3-5 miles a day M-F. That is some serious pavement I cover. I usually run a mile of that but would like to get to two miles. The problem is the heat. As it gets warmer the desire to run further wanes. Not only that but I'm still learning how to run with a dog. Sure it sounds easy but when that dog is big and has a good sniffer sometimes you just might lose an arm to a good scent. I think I have figured out the best places to go with the least dog communications and if that can hold I might make it in a month. Then again those VA humid-hot summers could flatten me first.


Helen said…
Well, now if I see a sweaty arm clinging to the leash of a running dog, I will know who it belongs too! Seriously, my biggest problem running is that I have to do it while pushing the kids in the jog stroller. That's me pushing about 75 lbs of child and stroller. Ugh!

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