Washer woes...again

Last year we bought a new washer and dryer to go in the new house we bought since our old ones had to stay at the old house. I was excited about this washer, efficient, large capacity, low energy usage, very good overall for my needs. Well. Now. I'm not happy with it. Not at all. The door seal has become shredded, as well as the leg of Olivia's jeans. (Nothing a little lace edging can't repair.) I didn't overload this machine and am upset that this makes now the 10th garment (and a sheet set and duvet: they are now in my fabric stash due to the extensive damage) to be chewed up. Interestingly the machine began to damage garments about 3 months ago, which I figured to be just freak incidents, so I have been doing laundry cautiously. I'm upset that the machine is borken (thanks for the word idea Syd) with no prospect of clean knickers for over a week conveniently just before the big family wedding next week. Don't cha just love it when things like this happen just before you take a trip?

To add even more salt to the wound is that we are now (lucky) thirteen days past the manufacturer's warranty. We didn't buy a warranty at Lowe's because Keith thinks they are a stupid waste of money and despite my better judgment I let him win this one and look what happens. I'm not sure how much this will set us back and that worries me. Repairs are always so costly. When it costs one quarter of the price you paid for the item to fix it then you know there is something wrong.

Motherhood is nothing but being skilled at plans changing. I think I can save on laundry if the girls will wear their swimsuits for the next week and I suppose me too. That's not going to work for me, it would be odd to shop at the market in beach wear. I guess I'll have to go out to do some laundry. Laundromat here we come....can't wait for that fun.


knitting chick said…
the next thing you will see is the dryer monster eating your socks.
Sydney said…
Pete: "That is some bullshit."

Too true! I think borken is definitely the right word here because it is both the machine AND the warranty that need fixing. What a dumb system! We got our washer and dryer as a wedding gift from my Dad. We did all this consumer reports research and went for the best that we could afford with the money allotted us, but that's gotten us a pair of GE work horses. They're not as efficient as I would like, but I feel that I could stuff myself into those things and they'd be just fine.

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