Flowers on a sill

There is always something on a window sill in this house. During the growing season it's going to be little Mommy pots filled with picked flowers. Then there's the art supplies. Art supplies line the windows along the breakfast table for impromptu creating. Sometimes I look at the cluttered sills and think I must find a place to put that stuff away. The next thought is nope, I'm going to leave that stuff where it is as it looks. If I were to remove it I'm not sure how motivated the girls would be at digging out the supplies to color. Their inspiration to create could be stifled. I choose to stack the paper under the table and as neatly as possible line up their supplies along the sills. As long as the pictures keep being created we'll continue to have colored pencils, pastels, paints, brushes, crayons and various other items along our sills. We live around here and that's what I find most exciting. Evidence of children. That's something I love dearly.


Helen said…
I love the idea of leaving the art supplies on the window sill. My only problem is my cat would think they were his toys and that would be the end of that! But that pic of your window sill does look cool. And you're write, this is a house that people **live** in.

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