This week I have learned that......

The neighborhood cat catches kills and eats field mice. The children will watch the event and begin to have a prayer service for the mouse.

Washing machines know just when to break to cause you the most stress.

Blueberry muffins are delightful for breakfast.

Poolside in the evening is a great way to unwind with Daddy.

Leftovers make a great quick supper.

A holiday spent with dear friends is grand.

Happy 4th of July all!


Helen said…
And the washing machine always knows to break when the laundromat down the street is once again, inexplicably, closed for business. And it also knows to break right after you just finished mopping the floor, because nothing adds to a nice clean floor like a ton of soapy water!

You've had quite the week. Wish I had some muffins.
Judith said…
It was fun! Thanks for having us over for the bbq and fireworks.

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