This week I have learned that.....

There is hope to find a good dress especially if your friend knows a good place to look.*

Playing ponies can keep little girls busy for hours.

Parts for washers take way too long to be ordered.

Packing is no fun and never will be.

Taking a flight really sucks nowadays.

Being home in Colorado...it's home.

*Yes, IT is worth it to take all your measurements. So worth it when you find the dress and it fits. Take that department stores with awful dresses.*


Judith said…
Fantastic! I'm so glad to hear it.
Helen said…
I hate packing with a passion. These days, I have a list in MS Excel that helps me keep track of every single little stupid thing that I need to take with me. Flying by plane is the only thing about traveling I hate more. Home is definitely the best place to be!

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