This week I have learned that.....

Being with family is good.

Preparing for a wedding is busy stressful work.

Babysitting the nail salon's 2 year old son while you wait for the bride's mother to have a manicure is a great way for you to get your own free French manicure.

Dogs for ring bearers are much more work than you think.

Little girls dressed up are so very cute as flower girls.

The right colors can really make something outside so pretty.

When it rains on your wedding day your dress will get muddy but if you're a mountain girl it won't matter and you'll still look fab. A little dirt never ruins your fun.

Everyone loves a pretty cake.

Weddings always turn out great no matter what happens.

Alpine slides are no place for curious prairie dogs.

Seeing old friends is also very good.


Judith said…
I can't wait to see those pictures!

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