Spelling word list

The week of May 19-23 included a list with the following words:
crawled, saw, caught, seesaw, draw, lawn, naughty, taught, daughter, yawn, throughout, coupon, hole, night, story
Pharaoh, papyrus, calendar, mummies

Here is the result of Leah and I working together to write the paragraph:
I crawled out of my tent. With a yawn I sat on the lawn for a story. The night sky was full of stars. I saw the moon hide behind some clouds. My Dad taught me how to draw pictures using stars.

*If you'd like to play along too*
The instructions for the 2nd grade spelling assignment are as follows: Write a paragraph using 8 of the listed words. You must use details, punctuation and indent. The spelling words are typically underlined in the written form, here I chose to use bold type to highlight the word. We have discovered (from teacher communication) that in a pinch you can pluralize and passive tense the words but we try to refrain from that if we can as it adds to the challenge.


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