What's in a pocket?

A jingle is heard in the hallway and I can't figure why since the kitty is here at my feet waiting, desperately waiting, for me to feed her again. I look and see a flash of hair whiz by the door. It looks like Leah and I call for her. She cheerfully arrives at the door jingling, because she hasn't stopped moving, even as she stands there looking back at me. I know she is wondering what I have on my mind, wondering what sort of silly task might ask her to do, and hoping, really hoping it has nothing to do with cleaning her room.

I ask her "What's all that jingling I hear?"
She replies "It's my pocket."
I pause. Thinking about if maybe, perhaps, did I buy any clothing with bells on it? I'm certain I did not and ask her "What's in your pocket?"
She tells me quite certainly "A bell, 12 cents and a marble."
I have learned to never ask why with children because you will only end up being surprised or baffled with their response. Except I couldn't help it. I had to know "why?" those things were important for her day. Sure enough a simple kid answer was given, "Because you never know when you'll need those things."

She turned, pranced out of the office, down the steps and out the front door. Jingle, jingle, jingle. I'm sure she's on her way to find a use for that bell, 12 cents and marble.


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