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When I'm in the car traveling I find myself with plenty of time to consider things. Those hours offer a nice creative break to refresh my brain. And then there are always weirdos I see driving around that offer great examples of why life is funny. As I was writing down my observations from my passenger seat my husband was getting nervous. Sure several of his off hand remarks were recorded, I use his interesting outlook as inspiration, but watching middle Americans driving around made for some excellent material. Most of the time he is nervous about what I write. As if my entire goal is to ridicule him. I'm not. Usually. Mostly.

I sat there writing in my notebook he began the airing of his grievances. The gist is he feels that I stifle his creativity. Or as he put it:

"I try to have artistic freedom. I shouldn't have to worry about self censoring. It's like living in a Communist State."

What can I say? I am red like Russia.


Judith said…
If our friends and family self censorsed we wouldn't have as much fun :-). Celebrities make gaffes, but it's 100x more laughable when it comes from someone we know.

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