Basement a mess....again? No way!

What is it about basement storage areas that makes them so messy? Almost eerily messy. As if there were a force preventing such places from being orderly. I can think of one person's basement that is not ever messy and She likely has a staff of people assigned to the duty of keeping it tidy. Sometimes I wish I had her resources. Through the daily living and doing that has been the one place I have not seen in a long time. I have to admit that I have not been making an effort to keep the basement in any decent condition. It's so easy to toss things in there and worry about it later. As it goes I needed something yesterday and could not find it. There is too much clutter in the way. I have to get rid of some of those toys. If I don't they might take over the house. Really, how many Barbies and My Little Ponies do you need as a little girl? Oh. Wait. Never mind. Enough of this complaining. If you need me you know where I'll be....stuck in the basement making order out of the messy crumbs of our stuff.


Judith said…
I wonder if the work assignments are like a lottery. Oh basement duty, AGAIN? Gee thanks! P.S. I'm now curious as to what Martha's many basements look like and how she's organizing the space ;-).
Yvonne said…
Then again being in a basement is a way to avoid people....grouchy perfectionist people. I am curious how her basements look too. She has so much stuff where does she keep it all?

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