Early American cookbooks

The Michigan State University Library and MSU Museam have been working on a fantastic project of digitizing several early American cookbooks from the 18th and 19th centuries. If you are like me and find older and vintage cookbooks interesting then you will love to look at this site. I think I could spend way too much time reading everything. It's well worth your visit to look at some of the recipes and daily hints for housewives, or erm housemanagers. My things have changed. Can I say how happy I am to have a dishwasher and liquid soap? Because to think about actually having to make my own soap or floor wax that makes me want to bang my head on those perfectly buffed floors. It's hard enough for me to find the will to clean let alone wax the floors. Though knowing how to do such things is rather important. Perhaps looking into some of those daily chores and figuring out to clean more wholelistically is worth my while.


Anonymous said…

I am trying to use all chemical free cleaners now. I clean most every thing with vinegar and water. For the bathrooms I add a bit of liquid castile soap. I just made my own laundry detergent and no longer use dryer sheets (made wool balls). I am doing this for 3 reasons- pets can become very sick from the chemicals, we do have well water so everything we use ends up directly back in our water, and I'm cheap! Let me know if you want any wedsites or 'recipes.' I think you would enjoy making your own soap! The funny thing is since I started this housekeeping is a little more enjoyable now.


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