Four leaf collector

This picture is literally a handful I found on my morning walk. It began with one located not far from the girls' school. Then another was found along the main road leading into our neighborhood. I looked down and noticed them. I carried those two along enjoying the morning sunshine. As I rounded the corner toward a street leading to the newer part of our neighborhood I passed a large clover patch. I figured why not look. Boy was I glad I did. There must have been hundreds there. I stopped plucking them after about 10 minutes. The dog was getting anxious to continue walking and that was enough of a distraction for me to call it quits. I wonder what the statistics are on finding that many four leaf clovers in that period of time. Total day count: 35

For as long as I can remember I have been able to find four leaf clovers. It's something I can do, often without really trying, find them easily. I am out walking and there they are, sticking out waiting for me. I can not think of a year that has passed where I did not find a four leaf clover. When I was 10 years old I began to collect my clovers. I have pages of pressed four leaf clovers found during those years. Some were kept in detail indicating the date and place found while others were without information. (Hello! Early skills in library science.) I have only a small amount of the four leaf clovers I have found; There must be 100s I lost track of before I could preserve them. Often I give them away as they seem to bring joy to friends, coworkers or passersby. With all those above I think it's time to think of ways to use them in crafts.


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