Lots of bags

I started making my own shopping bags because a girl has to have some style. Not only that but dang it sometimes I'm just tired of hearing baggers remark about my "other store's" bags and why don't I just buy some of their store's bags? It's just tiring trying to convey that yes, you have them, but really didn't want to hunt them down and be that OCD to actually get the proper bags lined up for each specific store you had to visit today and would they just bag up your stuff already. Sometimes Mommas just get going and are happy to check one to-do thing off the daily list.

I found some fabric at the store marked down of course. I hardly buy non-sale fabric for bags. There usually is a good selection in the clearance area and why not use it? Mostly they are in small amounts perfect for making a few bags. And if you are lucky you might get an extra few inches for free. Now is the best time to get all the summer fabrics and stock up on some nice prints. These bags (small multicolored flower bag) were made with the girls in mind. They often need a little one to stuff something in. Since these are light and easy to pack they have come along on several trips for use. I had enough fabric to make 3 bags. Very handy I will say. The lager bag pictured is kept in my purse. I pull it out for my run-in-to-get-a-little-this-or-that trips. Or for anything needing to go in a bag. I still have plenty of that fabric remaining. More bags will be made once I find myself a bit of time alone.


Judith said…
I would love a bag. I'll trade you a pint or two of tomatoes ;-).

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