Fuel changes

Can the technology for alternative fuels succeed in America? For too long we have used the cheap fossil fuels and now as petrol prices climb the grip on our wallets is tightening. How long can we continue bear the burden of the cost of poorly efficient vehicles? Is there any serious effort to mass produce better cars? There is some effort but it's not moving quickly, there are far too many people making a profit off of petrol, those that gain want to continue to gain. For years since the 1990s we have ignored the elephant in the room. That elephant is growing, soon it will fill up the room. Then what? Run away? This isn't a Monty Python skit.

Yet choosing alternative means of travel has not been the point of focus. I wonder if the next president will even consider this aspect to the energy problem. I haven't heard anything about promoting more light rail projects or bike trail improvements. Heck not even creating a bike lane. One thing that needs to be looked at is the use of buses within cities. Are they being used efficiently? Because if other cities are anything like DC then, no, no they are not. If the candidates want my vote then I 'd like them to take a good look at a city like Portland, OR for an example of things to do. Those things, they are important for all large cities to consider. That is the sort of agenda topic that should be a focus.


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