This week I have learned that.......

When your child goes on a field trip to a working farm that the best kind of lunch is one of those Lunchables things where your kid can make their own pizza. Seriously. Are you kidding me? Sandwiches are always a good option on a field trip.

If you are a working farm please don't have one of the features for your visitors to be feeding the animals as you likely fed them already that morning and those kids are going to be let down big time when none of the animals want to eat.

If you are a parent that volunteered to go to the field trip to the farm do not be surprised if you have to actually walk or participate in the activities. This kind of field trip is not for the lethargic or antisocial. The kids in your group expect you to keep moving and doing things.

As school employees please refrain from chitchatting to your coworkers about any aspects related to your gripes about your job. Parents can hear you and so can the kids. It only makes you look foolish and bitter. Also making fun of people should be avoided. This includes bad drivers and other things you happen to see along the way.

Picking out your very own pumpkin from the vine is loads of fun. Just make sure you find the most perfect one you can.

Collecting leaves is way more fun than it sounds. Think of what you can do with all those leaves.


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