This week I have learned that....

If I walk a certain way I'll get to see that pretty white fluffy kitty perched on the split rail fence watching the field for little critters. And I'll be so amused and happy to watch that kitty.

The one time you are in a hurry to throw a load of laundry in the washer is the time when there are rocks, sticks, acorns, toys, tissues and wrappers in pockets. They will make the dryer a very big mess.

I don't like homework.

Carving pumpkins is lots of fun. There so many silly things to do with them.

Leaving chocolates for begger's night on the working dryer is never a good idea. It was only by chance I was bright enough to notice it before it was a serious mess.

Putting off your own costume planning to the last minute makes for some interesting ideas.


Helen said…
Lots of valuable lessons here. I waited until the last minute for my costume, and ended up going as a work-at-home mom. Everyone said my costume was very convincing.

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