Moments of theater

Flipping through some notebooks I discovered an entry that was meant to be posted. It was written while in Maine this past June 16.

When you are quietly reading a delightful novel in a cabin with magnificent afternoon views of a Maine lake there couldn't possibly be any drama. You're on vacation with no need to be anywhere or do anything. Yet drama is there. When you are 6 there is always something to be a bother. Olivia presents her dilemma to us in such a funny way I can't help but laugh. She pops out of their loft and says "Leah's asleep. I don't have any one to play with, I'm doomed!" as she collapses onto the floor like a damsel in distress. I rather enjoyed the gentle hand placed on her forehead for effect. Charming, really it was. I love her random moments of theater.


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