With kids in tow

The shopping experience in my mind was supposed to improve with their age. I assumed that by the time they reached 6 & 8 it would be so easy. In ways it's more complicated. I have my own Spanish Inquisition hoovering around me and my every move. The web of questions keep my mind in a perpetual mush. If not for my endless lists I'd hardly remember my reasoning for the trip. As we round the corner in the market my 6 year old keeps asking the same question. I answer the same way each time and yet she can't hear it or something. Finally I say "Well open your ears." Passing us is an elderly woman with a chuckle and grin. For exasperated as I was up to that point instantly I felt comforted. In that stranger's face and smile I saw the understanding that could only come from a woman who herself had the exact same conversation and who may have replied the exact same way as did I to my daughter.


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