Cold Season commeth

The sicky sick bug has hit this house. I figured that we would be into December before one of us fell ill. Alas, that did not happen. Olivia came down with this awful head cold last Tuesday. She was feverish and tired for 3 days. During those days she slept. And this is the girl that wakes every morn at 6am. It hit her hard and I was working all sorts of food magic to boost her immune system. She managed to put some strength together to get to school and enjoy Halloween. I was glad, thinking that yes, yes she is getting through this and will be better soon. After her soccer game Saturday she fell asleep on the ride home and slept for a little bit. That was a 15 minute ride and she was out within minutes. I thought well, perhaps all that fun Halloween had worn her out and she needed to sleep some more. She looked revived after the cat nap. We took that fabulous walk through the woods where she played without problem. Though by supper time she was tired and went to sleep directly after eating. Sunday she napped, yet was looking sickly. Drat! She had that sick sort of look about her all day which worried me. This relapse brought the cough. That horrible junky cough that is looking to stick around another few weeks. Double drat!

There is nothing more helpless than waking 2 times during the night to the coughing fit of your child. That is terrible. I lay there and listen to her struggle through the cough as she tries hard to get sleep with that terrible cough. Awful. Helping her find comfort was difficult. She was quite cheerful despite how awful she was feeling. She told me that she likes to draw numbers and letters with her fingers in the shadows to keep busy. That nearly melted my heart 2:00am this morning. Regardless of the medication you give them at one point through the night you will have to re-medicate. It's the waiting for it to kick in that is the worst. I am looking for some hope for tonight. Hope for a restful sleep that she desperately needs. I expect it will be just as terrible. I think that perhaps a warm bath in a steamy bathroom (pre-steamed prior to bath) will help loosen that mucus in her chest and nose. When I get stuffed up something terrible I just eat some jalapenos and bam! that nasal passage is cleared out. I doubt that will help her much as onions burn her little kid mouth. So, no worries y'all I'm not going to give her hot peppers. I'll stick to the non-irritate remedies. She doesn't mind the vaporub thankfully yet it only works so well. I just got an idea! Hot cider with cinnamon and honey. Why do I always forget about that one? Yessir that's is what she could use. Some warming soothing comfort. And hugs, lots and lots of warm happy hugs.

By the way have I mentioned yet that no one is allowed to get sick? Yes. Well, that's it, I mean it. No getting sick out there, you hear?!


Unknown said…
I heard a report on the radio recently about a study that found that honey is effective in treating sinus infections, sometimes more so than antibiotics. I didn't see the study itself to see how valid the conclusions are, but I say, go for the honey- it can't hurt and it might help! :) Hope Olivia is feeling better soon!
Yvonne said…
Thanks I hope she feels better soon too. I forgot all about that honey is an antibiotic. There has been research on that, I think the Egyptians were the first to record using honey bandages for wound healing, see my brain can work after much reminding. I suppose that makes sense. Also I heard that local honey is supposed to help reduce pollen allergies. Yay for honey!
Anonymous said…
That cough sounded like it was in for the duration on Tuesday. When I get that cough lots of steam is the best thing for it. Also if she can sleep propped up on some pillows that might help a little bit. Are you using a humidifier in her room? That might help at night a little.
Yvonne said…
We had humidifiers....that somehow were lost in the shuffle of the move...a year ago which is no excuse. I have to get one, we'll need it again I'm sure. Got the propped up but need to better about keeping her from slinking down. Where is that duct tape.... ;-)

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