Cold Snap

Whoo has that north wind blown these past few days. Last Saturday was a very balmy warm humid day. The Gulf wind blew on up but by evening was pushed out by the heavy Canada cold. I was very pleased to see the flurries blowing around yesterday. Snow. Before Thanksgiving. Yes. Please more. Despite the cold that has been creeping in my lavender and feverfew have not quite gotten the memo about winter. They keep growing and blooming and generally having a great 'ol time. But what I have been most impressed with are the bees. Saturday I noticed some bees coming to collect what they could from my flowers. And I cheered for them. Yay bees you keep on keeping on. I am impressed with their dilligence and eagerness to keep on collecting pollen. Thinking about those bees has me thinking of expanding my flowerbed. They, these bees that live in the neighborhood, prefer the lavender. And not just the cute tiny honeybees, nope. All the bees. I will certainly add more come spring. Despite the growth of the lavender I think now with this cold setting in that may have been the last I'll see of the bees until spring. They and the Pooh Bears will be taking a long nap.


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