Quick Way

We ate at the most wonderful place Sunday night. The food was to everyone's liking and the service was spectacular. We were seated immediately with drinks, chips and salsa shortly thereafter. It was so great that they even allowed you to play board games, watch football, or try Foosball. The cake and ice cream for dessert was fantastic.

Where did we go?

No where in particular. We ate at home. On instruction by dear little Olivia she created the restaurant, Quick Way, and provided the service for our meal. Playing both "server girl" wearing her red and white check apron and herself. It was quite fun. Thankfully the amount of the past week's leftovers made for a delightful variety for us all. We each were able to select a meal from the menu making for a more magical restaurant at home moment. Since most of us were going with chicken soft tacos Olivia decided that having some chips and salsa on the table while we waited for our food would be just what this restaurant needed to do.

My little server had a wonderful time bringing our supper to the table. I found it amusing how the conversation about the fantastic server brought about a big grin on Olivia's face. She took great pride in her serving skills. She made sure we noted how well she could dip as she carefully placed the dirty dishes into the dishwasher without dropping the others in her hands. I was scolded for putting my own dish away as she was supposed to take care of if for me. Yep. I do like eating at this Quick Way place.


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