Days of Winter: Cookies

Many cookies were made these past few days. So many that it could make you wonder about the sanity in this house. Tradition in this family is important, not unlike yours too, however we expect a certain number of cookies to be made. This year the standards were made with a few new kinds. An assortment of taste and tradition that we gladly ate.

2008 Christmas Cookie List
1. Sugar cookies with icing and lots of sprinkles.
2. Ribbon cookies with peppermint and spearmint stripes.
3. Pecan date pinwheels. How these manage to make it on the plate is always a mystery.
4. Russian Tea cakes. These are also known as cuernitos, or snowballs.
5. Sandwich Butter cookies. My great grand mother's cookie recipe.
6. Peanut butter kiss cookies. Peanut butter and chocolate. Yep that's all you need.
7. Rosemary-lemon cookies with lemon mascarpone cheese icing. Very addicting.


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