Les Mis

The girls are fascinated with the soundtrack to Les Miserables. Their song of choice is the chain gang sung by Valjean and Javert (work song). Go figure. They have been chanting the rhythm as they play along. Since the words have yet to sink in they can find the song pleasant. We got them interested in the Mis on a long road trip this past summer. It was time to try something different for music along the way. Now we take this one along when we plan to be in the car for a few hours. We're looking for some other musicals for them to try. I'm a fan of the Sound of Music and South Pacific. Keith favors the Fiddler. How about you? Have any favorites you think we might enjoy?


Anonymous said…
Oklahoma, Music Man, and My Fair Lady are all favorites.
Yvonne said…
Those are excellent. They are on my list of to get.
Judith said…
I 2nd My Fair Lady (including the movie with Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn)

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