Lists and wasting time

On days when the list of to do things seems endless it's so much easier to find other things to do.

How about alphabetizing those recipe cards? I have to do that.

Wrap gifts? Gifts, oh they'll get wrapped.

Sorting all those greeting cards? I better do that never know when I'll need a card.

Mop the floor? Already? Gee it looks clean to me, it could go another week, or longer.

Weeding out the piles of old magazines? You betcha, Martha can't be tossed out without scrutiny.

Pack up gift boxes for family? Hmm, how many days are left until it'll be too late to send?

Scanning old photos? How could I not do that, all those memories must be saved.

Laundry needs to be washed? Oh it's not that bad...

I have noticed that I am getting very good at this not doing what I should be doing procrastination. I attribute it to all the constant have to do tasks that fill up my seemingly empty day. Also, considering the time of year, I shouldn't be surprised at all. To prevent any further procrastination it is time for me to get on with the day and stop wasting time in front of this screen typing up some uninteresting thought of the day. I wish you a very productive day. As you can see I have a full day of avoiding housework.


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