Another craft day distration

I think that my interest in garland my be borderline obsessive. I can't figure out why I get so excited about hanging garland. It must have been all that Christmas decorating that put me the garland mood. After sorting through my crafty supplies I began to work on a new Valentine's Day garland. Wow was that sorting an endeavor. I had stored most of my goodies in a clear plastic bin in the basement. That was a perfect place for it unless it is discovered by 2 eager little girls. I forgot they were in there using things. The result was several fantastic creations now hanging on the wall AND a disaster of a bin. Before I could get thinking I needed to sort through that bin to collect things that I use. I'm glad I did this because I had some x-acto knives in there and that is rather foolish of me to leave such things for little hands to possibly touch. (Don't freak all were still packaged but still you never know right?) With all that sorting and discovering I got distracted and ended up semi-organizing my work area. I didn't get too far into organizing but enough to not get any crafting done. What was I talking about again? Garland! Yes. So after all the distractions the crafty stuff was put in the crafty places and I was able to get something done. I didn't get too far along. With the kids being home from school and all that snow outside I had more distractions to endure. I can tell you this it is made from paper, buttons and ribbon. Now you must wait in suspense, but not for long. Once it is more complete I'll post the how to do this garland and of course the final product in all its fabulousness.


Judith said…
can't wait to see what you've come up with there

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