Bring ur own bags

Alright. I have been a major complainer of baggers at the grocery stores. For some reason this fine art of properly bagging groceries has been lost. Any sane person knows this. Those of you lucky enough to frequent a store that actually bags properly have no reason to complain and probably can't figure out why I obsess about this serious problem. Perhaps now would be a good time for you to go find something else to do as this post will likely bore you.

To all the victims of smashed groceries (In the DC area). I have found the most excellent solution to the bagger just smashed my eggs and bread with the canned goods and milk. I have tried the obvious solution: bag my own groceries. I was quite pleased to use the self check out lanes. That was fab until the displaced (fewer registers going means extra staff with nothing to do) employees were instructed to DO something. That something was helping me by smashing up my groceries. And would make me grouchy. Now I don't have to bring an umbrella and act like a crazy Granny by swinging it around to shoo those pesky employees away from my groceries. Nope.

The grocer chain in my area is Giant, you know, the ones that started the PeaPod delivery. They have begun a new program. A very good program. It's called easySHOP. This option allows you to scan and bag your groceries while you shop. To begin you go the in to the store to the display. You scan your shopper card to activate the hand scanner, the one that is set up for you will light up on the display. If you need bags you get them at this time. If you are like me and use your own bags you are all set. Now you begin shopping. As you select your items you scan them and place into your bags. Once you are finished shopping you head to the checkout. If you are using the self checkout you'll first scan your shopper's card to activate the checkout machine. To bring up your item list use the hand scanner to scan the checkout activation barcode located (in my store) above the checkout screen. Your items will instantly load. Place your scanner in the holders next to the barcode above the screen. Then you pay. Done. Don't worry if this seems complicated. I had an employee walk me thorugh it just to make sure I did everything properly. She told me what to do and I was able to ask about those instances when you might come across something that won't scan. She told me that if there were items that did not scan or are odd such as flowers etc, you can scan them after you load your items from the scanner. If they still won't scan then ask for help from an employee. I didn't have any problems scanning my products. Everything scanned and the sale prices were registered. It was so easy. I was thinking how awesome this service must be for parents with little kids. I would have loved this when my girls were little.

What I like about this service: I can actually go in, scan my stuff, bag it while I shop then jack the scanner in to the register and check out. Bagging is done the way I like it to be and I just pay. I liked that the hand scanner kept a tally. It really can help you budget your purchases. I almost forgot to mention the big bonus. If you use this system you can go through the 10 items or less line! Because you have already bagged everything and paying takes 2 mintues. Oh my. I am so glad some one finally got a clue and came up with this system. If you live in the DC area give it a try. Don't feel left out if you do not live in the DC area. There are several other grocer chains starting a similar program. Maybe yours offers it too.


Judith said…
Isn't that a fantastic idea?! I picked up a few things at your Giant at Thanksgiving and it was easy. I haven't seen it around this part of town yet. Can't wait!
Unknown said…
This is brilliant! We have Giant here, but it's a bit out of the way so I usually don't go there. But this, this could change my mind. If it's made it out here to the boonies, that is. :)
Helen said…
That could be amazingly helpful, but what happens if you pick up and item, scan it in, and then change your mind. I do that sometimes when I shop, because I've found that sometimes my local stores will scatter various brands of the same item throughout the store, and I won't always find the best price on something first. I'm assuming you can remove an item once it's been scanned it?

Neat idea. Wonder when I'll see it in my area.
Mo said…
Wow! Sounds all fancy schmancy. Look at you in the big city!
I would LOVE this - I could actually bag cold/frozen items TOGETHER and produce together and, of course, keep those pesky cans away from the bread and soft stuff. Wowee!
Now I'll have to pester my local store...
Yvonne said…
Marla: the Giant in your area might have this as Maryland was the test market. Not every store has it yet.

Helen: The scanner allows for mind changing. I found a better priced conditioner and pushed the remove item button scanned the barcode and it was taken off my list. This system does require a little paying attention since I had to be sure not to just toss stuff in the cart without scanning it.

Mo: I sure hope you northerners can get something like this soon.

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