How much tv do you watch?

With Easter coming soon there has been much discussion of what everyone here will be giving up. We have the given Lenten Fridays without meat and there will be an additional food sacrifice such as some kind of sweets. The girls were talking about giving up all sorts of things. When the topic of tv came up I wanted to determine what they think is too much tv.

Our exchange at supper started:

Mommy: How much tv do your friends watch?

Olivia: (With a mouthful of spaghetti she shows me my using her hands spaced as far apart as she can make her arms spread.)

Leah: My friends watch a lot of tv too. Mostly Disney channel shows.

Mommy: Compared to them, how much tv do you think you watch?

Olivia: (she is still working on that spaghetti and moves her hands to about 10 inches apart.)

Leah: Not so much. How much do we watch?

Mommy: I think it averages out to an hour a day. How come you watch so much less tv than your friends?

Leah: Oh, well, we have loads of things to do, like ride bikes, build forts, play school, then there's the legos and....

As she rattled off several other activities I laughed. I am so glad that my girls find doing things much more important than watching tv. I began to think how grateful I am for their lack of obsession with the tv. They talked about the other things they like to do instead of watching tv. It became apparent that giving up tv would not be a sacrifice to them. If only we can continue this trend then that would make me very pleased.


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