Offensive socks fashion

Socks. Thinking about them hardly brings up negatives. Well, unless you link socks to those memories of your brother jamming his sweaty gross socks in your face as he is beating you up and you scream and then he shoves them in your mouth. If that's what you think when socks are mentioned then you have issues. Seriously, you should get some better memories. Socks are supposed to be pleasant. I think of warm soft socks and how great that feels on my cold feet. I think of knitting socks, something I am still learning and then soft yarn. So when I heard about this sock fashion trend popular with those crazy kids these days I was shocked.

My knowledge began with a simple conversation. I was chatting with some teachers about laundry when the topic of socks came up. A teacher was telling me how she has been trying to catch up on laundry ever since her family came back from vacation. (she has 4 kids) Her eldest is a high schooler, a boy, that complained about his mother's slow laundry pace. Apparently he was out of socks. Like any mother she told him to do some laundry or use his father's socks. That latter one was the wrong suggestion. Her son could not wear just any kind of socks. No. They had to be the proper type of socks. The no-show kind. After listening to her explain this drama with her son and his need for no-show socks I thought it was silly. I almost didn't believe it because it sounded so ridiculous. Then while waiting for an appointment I noticed a young girl sitting with her legs crossed. I looked at her socks. She was wearing what I'll call standard crew socks, nothing special, just normal standard socks. They were not any crazy color or bulky just plain white. She noticed me looking at her socks then looked at her feet. And panicked. She desperately crammed her socks down into her sneakers so that they could not been seen. She reacted as if the socks behaved in an unauthorized way just to make her look ridiculous. Perhaps she thought I was some sort of sock status inspector. I watched. It was interesting to witness this in person. I laughed. Mostly to myself. Ridiculous is cramming your socks down into your shoes. Especially if you happen to be wearing jeans and it's a cold day.

What I learned:
For some reason actually being seen wearing socks is NERDY. Socks can NOT been seen. They are never to be seen. And you can't admit to actually wearing them, even if clearly you are. If you are caught wearing socks you are to tell your peers that they are something else, anything else but socks. Not sure what, but something, because admitting you wear socks is the sign of being a loser. And there are rules to this sock fashion. If you are out of no-show socks you MUST jam normal socks into your shoes so they CAN NOT BE SEEN. The option of hosiery for girls is clearly an advantage with this trend. I can see how wearing socks at certain times with certain things can be dorky. The vision I have is my neighbor in Bermuda shorts, dark socks and sandals wandering around his yard to get away from his nagging wife. How can wearing socks with, say sneakers and jeans be offensive? There must be a secret sock checker to cause such OCD.

After witnessing this trend I began to think. I know, LOOK OUT people her brain is beginning to work, this is something not worth my brain power. Well, you see, I, uh, got ta thinkin' 'n all and well, it just boiled down to a few things: Since when did socks become offensive? Is it cool to get blisters? Is that the whole reason behind this no sock policy with teens? Perhaps there are special meetings where the exposition of blisters and the severity of the blister places you on this hierarchy of pain tolerance. Oh, wait. I forgot. We are talking about teens. That scenario would require planning, work, and doesn't involve texting so that is out for sure.Then all that's left is random stupid teen fashion. Yep. Guess that's the answer. It has to be. Because when I get to thinking about being a teen and the stupid things I did and wore all that I seem to want to forget about is pants pegging.

Pegging pants. What the heck was that about?


knitting chick said…
don't forget the one strap buttoned on the overalls with the ozone killing hair do's.
Judith said…
I'm balking at the new sock trend and wearing knee high pink striped socks.
Judith said…
Er, that should be, bucking the no-show sock trend. What was the other odd (and mostly men's) sock trend with the velcro slides and the tall soccer socks?

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