Routines return

It has been difficult to get back to the before holiday groove. Partially due to being comfortable with the slower pace of life. Being home. We like to putter around. It makes for a delightful day. Filling our time with activities and projects without worry of time, that is nice. Then there are the seasonal foods. What difficulty there is in stashing those fantastic comforting yet not-the-best-thing-for-you recipes away. It is best those sorts of things surface once a year. My body sure does not need another cookie or casserole but my palate sure thinks it does. Well maybe that potato casserole will make an appearance one more time before winter ends. With no school for two weeks and I nearly forgot how fast moving our mornings are. Just when I was thinking that we were in the grind Olivia gets sick. Again. Not even back half a day and I get the call.

I am finding the New Year to be a stinker.

I am not going to let the pneumonia return. I won't have it. This week she has been ill with a stomach bug, its origin is unknown, somehow that seems odd. It has since turned into an ear and sinus infection. So, well, I bet you can tell how great this week has been for the both of us. She is on the up swing. Finally able to eat something and she's not looking so ill. Her humor has returned. And, man is that good, because after you've been thrown up on joking seems to make the situation less gross. Actually this is the best time for her to be ill. I have loads of leftovers so making meals has been a snap. That is especially nice since up until today I have been too busy to do much cooking. She's still lacking an appetite. While she eats the soup and grilled cheese I am feasting on spicy chili.

Then there is some knitting. Plenty. Mostly while I sit and watch tv with the sick kiddo. I have watched more tv this week than I do in a typical month. Or, well, if you count watching Star Wars 100 times. Anyhow. The tv watching does make some of the knitting magically pass quickly. Not that I have a whole lot done. I have another mitten to do. For me. You know something? Having big hands is a drag when knitting mittens. My man hands seem to make these mittens take forever to knit. I've got about a third done. Flippin' long fingers. I think the problem is I am eager to make two other things. Felted bird houses and fingerless mittens. Mittens like these. Bird houses like these. I have some great patterns that keep calling me. Speaking of, I think I am going to get that mitten done. I need those needles.


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